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Prayer Community

"They will make a special effort to acquire the spirit of prayer
which converts every action into a prayer,

and makes life itself a continuous prayer."

The Spirituality of Fr. Muard

Our founder, Father Muard, took upon himself a dedicated and austere spirituality. Since he was a child, he found himself drawn to the person of Jesus and what began in his earliest years was a love story that would unfold across the span of a life committed to the Lord's Service.

Father Muard's holiness of life was rooted in a sincere experience of relationship: relationship with the person of Jesus. His prayer life was rooted in Marian Devotion, the Sacred Heart of Jesus beating alive in the Eucharist, and a sure and certain hope in the promise of the life to come. It is said that upon his passing from this life, he closed his eyes in death with a peaceful smile on his face. He dedicated his life to sharing his relationship with others, especially through his ministry of Mission, striving to help the faithful heal the brokenness in their world: in their relationship with Jesus, their relationship with one another, and the Church's relationship with her people. He established the Society of Saint Edmund to do the same.

The world around us right now is in chaos. The realities of COVID-19, division over politics, division in the Church, and the scourge of social sins like racism, continue to plague us as a people and drive us further apart. These struggles move us further and further away from relationship: away from relationship with one another, and ultimately away from relationship with Jesus.

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A Digital Mission

We invite you to join the Society of St. Edmund in what could be called our "newest mission."  At the time of our foundation in 19th Century France we sought to enliven the Church through a renewal brought about by Parish Missions, and we have strived to continue the work of Father Muard ever since. We would later seek to bring the zeal that he frequently spoke about into the lives of all God's people through our work in higher education, among the poor, with people in recovery from addiction, and with everyone who comes to us through our retreat ministries. Now we turn our attention to the next Mission Territory...the place where everyone in the world currently has turned their attention: the Internet.


We invite you to join us in exploring the spirituality of the Society of Saint Edmund by exploring the pages below pertaining to our Devotional Life. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive articles, reflections, and short opportunities for respite from an otherwise crazy world. Above all, we invite you to join us in praying for Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life, especially in the Society of Saint Edmund.

During this year dedicated by the Holy Father to St. Joseph, may we be inspired by his holy life, and be the beneficiaries of his powerful intercession. May he lead us to his two greatest loves: the Blessed Virgin Mary, and her Divine Son. And may 2021 be a year of blessings, peace, and renewal throughout the entire Church!

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