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A complete guide to choose RV lithium batteries

The lithium battery in the recreational vehicle is becoming a growing number of prominent. And also with excellent factor, lithium-ion batteries have many advantages, especially in mobile homes. A lithium battery in the camper supplies weight financial savings, higher capacity and also faster billing, making it easier to use the mobile home separately. With our upcoming conversion in mind, we're having a look around the market, thinking about the pros and cons of lithium, and also what needs to transform in the existing motor home for lithium.

Why a lithium battery in the motorhome?

Traditional lead-acid batteries (and their alterations such as gel and AGM batteries) have been installed in mobile homes for decades.They work, but these batteries are not perfect in the mobile home, due to the fact that:

They are hefty,heavy

With an unfavorable charge, they have a short service life

They are not well fit for several application circumstances

However conventional batteries are relatively low-cost - although an AGM battery has its cost.

Recently, however, lithium batteries have significantly found their means right into mobile homes. Lithium batteries in the camper are still a certain luxury, considering that their rate is a lot higher than the price of normal rechargeable batteries But they have several advantages that can not be dismissed out of hand, and also which additionally placed the cost right into viewpoint. However a lot more on that in the next couple of sections.

What is LiFePo4 lithium batteries?

About lithium batteries for mobile homes, one undoubtedly encounters the somewhat troublesome term LiFePo4.

LiFePo4 is a lithium-ion battery in which the positive electrode contains lithium iron phosphate as opposed to lithium cobalt oxide.

This makes this battery extremely secure as it prevents thermal runaway.

Exactly how secure is a rv lithium battery in a RV?

Like lots of others, we asked yourself how safe lithium batteries in fact are when made use of in motorhomes. What occurs in a mishap? What happens if you accidentally overcharge?

In fact, there are security worry about several lithium-ion batteries. That is why just the LiFePo4 variation, which is thought about secure, is actually used in the mobile home market.

How about the cycle stability of lithium batteries.

In the course of battery study, one inevitably comes across the terms "cycle stability" and also "DoD", which belong. Since the cycle stability is just one of the excellent advantages of a lithium battery in the mobile home

" DoD" (Depth of Discharge) currently shows just how much the battery is released. So the degree of discharge. Due to training course it makes a difference whether I discharge a battery entirely (100%) or only 10%.

The cycle stability as a result just makes sense in connection with a DoD spec. Because if I just release the battery to 10%, it is easy to reach several countless cycles - but that must not be useful.

Advantages of a lithium battery in the mobile home.

As currently discussed, a lithium battery in the camper offers lots of benefits.


High capability with the same dimension

High functional capacity as well as immune to deep discharge

High billing currents and also discharging currents

High cycle stability

High safety when making use of LiFePo4

Who requires rv lithium batteries in a camper life?

For whom is a lithium battery in the camper currently suitable?

Well, undoubtedly for those that need the benefits.

Travelers who want to run a self-dependent mobile home without framework have the advantage of greater capability with lower weight/space demands with lithium.

If you use a planetary system in the mobile home, you will be able to make use of the energy of the planetary system better with a lithium battery, because lithium batteries can be billed better.

For those campers who want to do without a planetary system or that can not operate one smartly as a result of the weather conditions, a fast-charging lithium battery in connection with a billing booster can stand for a self-dependent energy idea on its own. This allows the lithium battery in the mobile home to be billed rapidly while driving, which is after that adequate until the following day. Yet customers of planetary systems on the camper can additionally rip off on bad climate days.

Motorhomes with weight problems can conserve a great deal of weight with lithium batteries. Upgrading from 2xAGM to 1xLithium at the exact same capability can save 60kg.

Campers that intend to operate 230V devices on the inverter get the more suitable power supply with a lithium battery.

Just how to choose a lithium battery?

Area, size and weight

Lithium batteries have the advantage of being compact and also lightweight. Compared to a lead-acid battery, you will certainly generally conserve weight - unless you intend with an enormously higher ability.

The dimension differs, specifically the type aspects differ depending upon the manufacturer. It is therefore crucial to choose an installation area and afterwards compare the feasible battery versions based on their dimensions. The reality that lithium batteries can also be installed sideways/turned over is useful.

The charging cycles

The service life of the lithium battery based upon the charging cycles is of course also crucial, but the info here is constantly so high that there are hardly any negative products here. Nevertheless: If you want to make a precise contrast, you need to compare the cycles about the DoD

The optimum billing existing

The maximum possible billing existing is specified for lithium batteries. The greatest possible billing present assists to charge the battery really promptly. But whether you really need it depends on what you in fact intend to fill with.

An alternator, on the other hand, can deal with 60A, yet it relies on the design whether it is beneficial to its service life to make it irreversible. Charging boosters are normally offered in the 30-50A variety, so the information suffices there also.

The optimum discharge current

The maximum discharge current is currently vital for the present usage. Which is especially true when it involves the operation of effective gadgets. In the mobile home, these are normally gadgets that generate warmth in some form, i.e. coffee devices, hair dryers, pots and so forth. Inverters are usually additionally involved.

For instance, there are two indications for Liontron:

A maximum discharge current of 150A, as well

a continuous discharge current of 100A.

The optimum discharge current can just be obtained for a couple of secs. Its purpose is to absorb the essential starting currents as well as power comes to a head that happen in numerous devices. To estimate your own demands, nonetheless, you should think about the lower continual discharge current.


Some lithium batteries are secured in plastic instances. This is certainly not very simple to keep and also has little lasting result.

European suppliers for that reason possess screwed situations that can be opened up for fixings. As an example, Liontron advertises with a supply of spare components for 10 years after EOL (End-of-Life).

This subject is very important to us, because after all, you don't want to need to get rid of such a costly product as a lithium battery prematurely.

Plug & Play or construct it on your own?

In online forums, electronic devices freaks charge inexperience and lack of knowledge when picking a plug & play lithium battery from a brand name supplier.

And that's why I want to state one point ahead of time: Yes, you can certainly construct high-quality rechargeable batteries from private cells that you import from China. As well as indeed, the cost is much below that of a ready-made option. The efficiency of this remedy is likewise absolutely high.

Yet not every person is an electronics technician or intends to become one. Due to the fact that it's not that simple:

Which cells do you require, which ones can you rely on?

Just how are they wired appropriately?

Which BMS is the appropriate one?

That can guarantee me that my ready-made battery will function as well as not simply refute the mobile home?

Yes, Electronic devices Engineers might have the ability to respond to these solutions. However even they after that spend a great deal of time researching, sourcing, structure, and perhaps refining.

We non-electronics designers can not and do not intend to do that. You can't become a specialist in every field, and also with batteries, I just want an ended up item that functions. Where others have done the reasoning for me, checked, and also assured me that the solution would certainly work for me.

Certainly it sets you back a lot more. Somebody has to do the job, and of course a company also wants to earn a profit. But that's flawlessly reputable, and also it's the same with every item.


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