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Edmundites offer foundational support, deep friendships

Chris Kenny '86 P'18, Saint Michael’s College Director of Athletics, agreed to an interview to help our followers understand more about the Edmundites. Here, he describes how they have had an impact on his personal growth and on his family. Please enjoy this interview and contact our communications manager, Lynn Monty, at, if you would like to be interviewed, or to contribute to this blog page, or to learn more about The Society of Saint Edmund.

Chris Kenny:I have had the great pleasure and benefit of friendship with several of the Edmundites over the many years that I have been connected with Saint Michael’s College (SMC). If I had to identify one of the guys to speak of specifically, it would have to be Father Ray Doherty, SSE ‘51. I’ve known Father Ray going back to my days as a student here in the mid-1980’s, so that would be around 35 years! He worked in Admissions when I was a student, and I was a coordinator for the Student Admissions Association at that time so our paths would cross often. He’s such a great guy, and I felt an immediate connection with him. He’s an avid Boston and SMC sports fan and when he was a student here he had been sports editor of The Michaelman (as I was then with The Defender) and had also worked as a student assistant in sports publicity with then-Public Relations Director John Donoghue ’32 (and I had a work study position with the Sports Information Office then), so we had common experiences to share. I had great admiration and respect for him from the very beginning, and it has only grown over the years.

Lynn Monty: How has Father Ray had an impact on you and your family?

Chris Kenny: We wouldn’t be a family without Father Ray. He married my wife, Lisa, and I (31 years ago in October), and baptized our two daughters, Jillian (SMC ’18) and Molly. Over all of these years of our friendship he’s just been there, you know what I mean? Always available to connect, checks in regularly on how things are going professionally and personally, always timely with a note or call of support when you need it, etc. Before COVID I would see him around campus frequently, and he always had a warm greeting and fun conversation waiting. He has always shown such kindness to my family, including my mom, who has moved to Burlington and attends Mass at the Chapel regularly. His presence on campus means a lot to me—just knowing he’s here; knowing who he is and what he stands for, what he means to so many of us in the SMC Family, and how he represents the College and the Edmundites is a source of strength and pride for me. He’s a true hero.

Lynn Monty: What about the other Edmundites?

Chris Kenny: As I said at the outset, this is my 34th year as an employee at SMC and I also went to school here, so I've been lucky to know several of the guys well. In particular, Father Brian Cummings SSE ‘86 is a classmate of mine and we have been good friends ever since those days. He’s amazing in many ways, and we are so fortunate to have him in our community at SMC. Father Mike Cronogue, SSE was a great friend and role model for me. I still think of him often. I also value my friendship with Father Marcel Rainville SSE ’67, and he has had a meaningful impact on me over the years, too. There are several more … among them, Father Dick Myhalyk, SSE ’66, Father Charlie Ranges, SSE ’67, Father Steve Hornat, SSE ’72, Father Tom Hoar, SSE ’73, whose kindness, friendship and good works I have greatly appreciated over the years.

The impact of the Edmundites can be felt in so many ways and has greatly benefited me and my family; from the foundational support and the religious education experience our daughters received through our parish under Fr. Charlie’s leadership, through the many years of our close association with the incredible Edmundite community at SMC. I don’t know if the full impact could adequately be measured! As a baseline, I know their collective influence has educated me and made me a better person, and has given me valuable perspective on life and the world, as well as a true appreciation for life’s blessings large and small. I will be forever grateful for the many personal and professional experiences I have had with the members of the Society of Saint Edmund.

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