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Where We Are

"In the mind of the most experienced apostolic men,

retreats and missions are the most powerful means

to preserve and revive the faith among people."


Continuing a tradition that began in 1904, the Society of Saint Edmund continues its ministry in Vermont at both Saint Michael's College and Saint Anne's Shrine. These two ministries have thrived since the first days of the Edmundite presence in the United States. Edmundite Priests also assist at local Parishes, including serving as Pastor of three local Parishes. A community of our senior members also reside here, as well as our Formation Community.

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The Society came to Selma, Alabama, in 1937 in response to the call of Pope Pius XI to serve the African American community in the deep south. This call put the Society at the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's, particularly the events of "Bloody Sunday," and the Edmund Pettus Bridge. As the issue of racism continues to plague our nation today, the Society remains centered on this issue, while also delivering much needed services in ​Selma, New Orleans, and the Alabama counties of Dallas, Perry, Monroe/Wilcox and Lowndes.


Coming under our care in 1954, Enders Island has played many roles in the Society of Saint Edmund. Today this beautiful 11-acre island off the coast of Mystic serves as a popular Retreat Center, as well as home to the Catholic Psych Institute, and the Sacred Art Institute. "The Island" also hosts a dynamic Substance Abuse Recovery Residential Program.

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